• Lakesha Michelle



Amid the devastating news of a global pandemic, be determined to stay HOPEFUL.

Although the world suggests that we should be in the house sulking, we are pressing MORE into our FAITH, now more than ever. Instead of halting the site launch and giving up, we took a leap of faith and hosted a virtual launch party. It was quite a success. You, our supporters, our fashion tribe, helped the boutique surpass our sales goals for our first few quarters. Now it’s only UP from here!!!

So, as we continue to exercise our faith and manifest all that God has promised, we want to ENCOURAGE you to do the same!

Instead of being ruled by fear, allow your FAITH TO LEAD YOU. Get one GOAL in mind, WRITE IT DOWN, IMAGINE it MATERIALIZING from START to FINISH. BLOCK OUT all your doubts and LOVE the fear right out of your life!

Now it is time for you to use your faith and MANIFEST!

Remember, it’s FAITH OVER FEAR ALL 2020!


Lakesha Michelle

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